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Building tips for new players

Discussion in 'General Server Discussion' started by Shaun Powney, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Shaun Powney Guest

    This thread is for existing players to post their tips on how to protect from some of the various methods of entering or destroying bases.

    New players can sometimes get caught off guard with the exploits or glitches often used to gain entry.

    Please everyone take the time to read this thread and help contribute. Remember more new players, more people to kill and raid. Lets just give them a chance to get settled, build a base and start to like the server.

    Few example topics to discuss:

    Water / Lava
    TNT / obsidian
    Doors / Boats
    Dirted Chests
  2. Shaun Powney Guest

    New players feel free to ask questions, although stay on topic please.

    No matter how hermetically sealed and completely inaccessible you think your vault is, always, always, always put a block of dirt (or anything else) on top of your chests to prevent people from getting inside of them. There's a way into every room but not necessarily a way into every chest.
  4. MiRROW Guest


    use jack o lanterns and glowstone instead of torches, torches can be removed with water buckets.
    so people can't let creepers spawn
  5. Protip:

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  6. decino Ex-Administrator


    When making a base in the sky, don't forget to make it actually float, so remove the pillars underneath it or else people will climb the pillar by using water buckets.
  7. Boats can be used to get past doors and in certain other situations. They are every good raiders glitchy little friend. Rely on tight spaces near entry points and thick walls to help protect yourselves. Run security tests by kicking someone out of the faction and have them try various methods of using a boat to gain access. If you get in (or think you're close) then someone better certainly will.
  8. Xairoh Guest

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  10. keffertjuh Guest

    I'm curious to the various glitches and exploits and whatnots that are bound to this server, such as the use of boats, as shortly has been explained above, which people might be using to raid...

    I'm also wondering what rules are bound to the use of water and lava, since I didnt see any direct explanation of that here when I quickly skimmed through some topics...

    Finally, question marks still remain as to which type of defenses would work to keep people out of your base here (not taking into consideration the slight possibility of betrayal and teleporting, of course)...multiple walls? water? lava? more layers of wall so glitching would cause suffocation?

    Please enlighten me ;)

    SHORT VERSION: how must I protect my base and people in this server, regarding issues that I wasnt aware of from other faction-enabled servers (such as the use of boats in other faction's areas)?

    I thank you for your time, effort, and responses :D
  11. Kild Guest

    Obsidian skyvault several layers thick
  12. MiRROW Guest

    raiders can use boats, water buckets and lava buckets (fuzzy told it's broken, hopefully this will be fixed).

    To prevent boatglitchers:
    Use two boats next to each other surrounded by walls (connected via redstone and/or pressureplates).
    Waterprotection as anti-tnt cloak is useless now that lava buckets can be used on faction land.
    You could try lava walls, make it three layers thick. Use a random block as the middle layer (cobble, dirt).
    And the outer layers lava. When people tntcannon it the tntblock will bounce against the middle layer first.
    Before it can explode it will be burned by the outer lava layer.

    good luck.

    This tactic is not solid, pro cannon shooters can set the perfect delay (with diode's) so it explodes when it touches the middle layer. It will keep atleast noobs away.
  13. keffertjuh Guest

    How many layers is several layers? (the obsidian; I'd rather go for the whole deal than for an uncertain bet...)
  14. Chiab Guest

  15. Chiab Guest

    Do this: 2 cobble layers underneath, and 1 obby layer on top.
  16. Pkfireball1 Guest

    I think this thread needs to be revived
  17. fuzzy_bot Owner/Lead Dev

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  18. My tips: When first starting out. Don't claim your land until your fully ready. That's what i did and now i'm fully ready and not raidable atleast in most cases.
    When ready to build base: Have 1 layer of obby and then either 2-3 layers of any block u want. (I Prefer cobblestone) but whatever works.
    Once done with that: Put a sign room above the whole base. Its a 2-3 high room full of signs in every air space. This prevents .down lava glitchs/hackers:D
    Tip: After done with base, cover base with layers and LAYERS of water:D
    Finally after u have all that done. On the surface above your base. You can build a wall of cobblestone covered by lava/water with a roof.
    You can all so dig a trench all the way around your claimed land. That will prevent many things, remember to poor water/lava down the whole thing with the walls of cobble.
    Since players can place lava buckets in enemy territory. Don't place blocks over your chests that can be burned.
    (All so Mirrow, the lava bucket thing in enemy territory is not working, i just tested it)
    Another tip: Never build a nether portal in ur main vault. Build it on the surface or in a farm above ur base. Then cover it with 2 layers of blocks, so that nobody can boat glitch out.
    Another tip: Never use torches for your vault or near any of your chests. Actually NEVER USE THEM! Use jack o lanterns or glowstone. Torches can be taken out by water buckets allow mobs like creepers to spawn. Then the player can come back in and make the creeper explode on your chests. Which means goodbye to your goodies:(
    Another tip: Never send a /tpahere do anybody. They can wait a very long time. Then they can guess, and accept it while ur in ur vault. And bam inside your vault and you lose.
    Another tip: Gain allies with me:D
    Another tip: Go atleast over 2000 blocks away from spawn. Your base will less likely be found. But no matter what it will be found:(
    Another tip: Don't have a door leading into/out of your vault. Have a trap door that glitches you up. I will be making a video for every glitch that i know of soon.
    Another tip: Don't fuck with Strong/Weed/Maniac/iSMK/Godly or any other good faction. They will fuck your shit up:(
    Another tip:Underground bases (In most cases) less raidable than sky bases.
    Another tip: Subscribe to my channel (Mist3rMogli) for raiding tips and raiding videos:D
    Another tip: I can't think of anymore. If i do, i will keep going with this thread:D

    P.S. Lava buckets dont work in enemy territory Mirrow. Please fix:D
  19. Another tip: Build a mob trap. It will gain you alot of arrows if you like bows, and it will give you gunpowder for tnt. Once your good in tnt. Raid a bunch of people:D
    All so, get a xp farm. Even though it OP it will help you through many raids and pvping:)
  20. DTMsphere Official Graphics Designer

    I already knew this.

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